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ISBN: 9789897780608

9789897780608 - Jane Austen: Persuasion
Jane Austen (?):

Persuasion (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789897780608 (?) ou 9897780602, língua desconhecida, Jane Austen, Jane Austen, Jane Austen, Novo, ebook, download digital

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De vendedor/antiquário
First published in 1818, Persuasion was Jane Austen's last work. Its mellow character and autumnal tone have long made it a favorite with Austen readers. Set in Somersetshire and Bath, the novel revolves around the lives and love affair of Sir Walter Elliot, his daughters Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary, and various in-laws, friends, suitors, and other characters, In Anne Elliot, the author created perhaps her sweetest, most appealing heroine. At the center of the novel is Anne's thwarted romance with Captain Frederick Wentworth, a navy man Anne met and fell in love with when she was 19. At the time, Wentworth was deemed an unsuitable match and Anne was forced to break off the relationship. Eight years later, however, they meet again. By this time Captain Wentworth has made his fortune in the navy and is an attractive "catch." However, Anne is now uncertain about his feelings for her. But after various twists and turns of fortune, the novel ends on a happy note. In Persuasion, as in such novels as Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma, Austen limned the plight of young women who could escape the constraints of family life only by marrying, and suggest the foolishness of women who believed they were free and not dependent on the financial and social resources of men. At the same time, Persuasion offers an ironic and subtle paean to the true love that enables one woman to rise above straitened economic circumstances and the stifling social conventions that restricted women to narrowly circumscribed lives in the common sitting room. Sure to appeal to admirers of Jane Austen, Persuasion will delight any reader with its finely drawn characters, gentle satire, and charming re-creation of the genteel world of the 19th-century English countryside. Anne Elliot must have been Jane Austen herself, speaking for the last time. There is something so true, so womanly about her, that it is impossible not to love her. She is the bright-eyed heroine of the earlier novels mat
Número de ordem do vendedor: e342757a-8371-4260-be4f-3675ec716152
Número de ordem de plataforma 104309789897780608
Palavras-chave: Persuasion Jane Austen Romance 9789897780608
Dados de 05/12/2017 22:38h
ISBN (notações alternativas): 989-778-060-2, 978-989-778-060-8
9789897780608 - Jane Austen: Persuasion
Jane Austen (?):

Persuasion (?)

ISBN: 9789897780608 (?) ou 9897780602, língua desconhecida, Pandora's Box, Novo, ebook

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De vendedor/antiquário
Persuasion~~Jane-Austen, Persuasion, NOOK Book (eBook)
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Número de ordem do vendedor: 9789897780608
Número de ordem de plataforma (Nook): bnn-9789897780608
Categoria: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Contemporary Romance
Dados de 05/12/2017 22:38h
ISBN (notações alternativas): 989-778-060-2, 978-989-778-060-8


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